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More than Housing: Autumn at the Shelter

This autumn, we’re celebrating Shelter Crisis Housing. The Shelter provides security for orphan moms in the midst of difficult and dangerous circumstances.

The Shelter is housed under our Stop the Cycle (STC) program. Through STC, orphan parents attend parenting classes, receive groceries and used clothing/shoes, and have access to mentorship, biblical counseling, help with paperwork, and many other services. But sometimes an orphan mom needs more than just outside assistance.

Why crisis housing?

Most orphan moms, or moms-to-be, struggle with parenthood. But some find themselves in true crises. Natasha K. shared about her situation prior to the Shelter:

Of the 14 moms who’ve stayed with us, five left abusive relationships; seven lacked a safe place to live after giving birth, so the child would have been removed; and three, like Natasha, came from unsafe conditions. Every mom was unable to work (and pay for housing) because her children were too young for school.

A High-Impact Program for Family Transformation

We like to say our Shelter program is “more than housing.” What does that mean?

During their two years at the Shelter, a mom’s every need is provided for. Our goal is to resolve the crisis, but more importantly, to help her establish family stability: a safe living situation, skills to provide for herself and raise her child, a job, and a church connection. To that end, we offer assistance in several areas:

HOUSING: a safe place to live · housing documentation · finding a house or renovating a current home · help moving when ready

EDUCATION: documents for education · educational activities for kids at the Shelter · registering kids for school · babysitting while moms study

EMPLOYMENT: finding a job · babysitting while moms work · helping moms save 50% of income while safely housed

PARENTING: parenting, housekeeping, relationship skills · Stop the Cycle and MOPS · modeling our family relationships · having fun as a big family

SPIRITUAL & RELATIONAL: church attendance & relationships · healthy connections with relatives and friends · personal and family counseling

FOLLOW-UP: staying connected to moms personally · continuing Stop the Cycle and MOPS · seeing moms at church · home visits

As we celebrate, we’ll be sharing extras on social media, including a Facebook photo album with profiles of our current Shelter residents. Join us on Facebook here and Instagram here. We’ll also share Shelter prayer requests on our prayer circle email list. To be added, just reply to this email.

To support Shelter Crisis Housing, click the Donate button above.

Knowing and learning about orphanage graduates is one way of loving them. Thank you for reading about these vulnerable Shelter families, and for your prayers!

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