Moms come together again after the disruption of war

After the war began, we made the hard choice of pausing some services. From February until June, our moms’ group wasn’t able to meet. 

When Ukrainian teens age out of state care, they enter a bewildering new world without support. Many then become young parents, and family life can be overwhelming. Without intervention, orphans’ children often become orphans themselves. 

Stop the Cycle is Last Bell’s support program for orphaned parents, mostly single moms. Counseling, crisis housing, and home visits help our families stay together and healthy. We host a special family camp every summer. (Thanks again to our camp donors!) 

But monthly meetings are the heart of Stop the Cycle. Moms make friends, learn about parenting, and take home bags of food and diapers. After four long months, in late June our group was reunited. Staff and parents talked together about helping children manage their stress in a crisis. 

We had another Stop the Cycle meeting in August. Again it was wonderful to see everyone after so many months apart!

Most moms graduate from our program after two or three years. But they’re still part of our community. They stay in touch with staff, and sometimes visit the Shelter, our crisis housing facility. Often moms spend a few nights with us, doing errands in the city or just catching up. 

Thank you for praying for and supporting our orphaned youth in every new chapter of young adulthood!

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