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Leaving Poland behind: the next step in resettlement

Our refugees at the retreat center in Poland are getting ready for another big change: they’re all moving to the Netherlands, following the two families who’ve gone already. They anticipated a longer stay in Poland. But like so many, they’re leaving to make room for others. 

Hundreds of thousands of families across Eastern Europe are making the same decision. Of Ukraine’s 44 million people, about 10 million are now displaced; four million of those have fled across the border. That’s a million new refugees per week. Our close neighbors are simply overwhelmed. At one entry point, signs read, “Don’t go to the big cities. Have faith in small towns.” The cities are bursting.

We’re so grateful for the retreat center. But it’s far from public transportation, schools, hospitals, churches, and other resources. And some of our moms may need to start working; many spouses in Ukraine aren’t receiving paychecks. Our families need more permanent homes.

Director Andrey met a group of Christians in the Netherlands through a church-planting ministry in Zhytomyr. Now they’re offering a full spectrum of support for our group: help with housing, school registration, job hunting, and church community. In the midst of tragedy, their friendship is a great gift. 

There are many other strands in the safety net catching our youth and families, including your financial gifts and prayers. Thank you! 

Above: the river in Zhytomyr, last year. One of many beautiful places left behind.