Last Bell by the Numbers in 2017

Last Bell touched the lives of 171 NEW orphanage graduates in 2017 (over 1200 since our founding)! We’ve been…

…reaching out to students:

  • 124 teens were served by the Educational Outreach program
  • 6 received help with admissions testing for higher education
  • 15 graduated from college or university
  • 25 received tutoring or academic study help

…reaching out to families:

  • 48 orphan parents of 54 children received training and help through our Stop the Cycle program
  • 6 homes of orphanage graduates were restored and made livable
  • 23 children of orphans stayed out of the orphanage because their parents had help (89 since our founding)
  • 25 people, including 9 moms and their kids, found a safe place to stay during a housing crisis

…helping with employment:

  • 48 received job training through the Restoration Project, workshops, and specialized counseling
  • 6 became employed because of previous participation in the Restoration Project
  • 3 are currently in training, restoring the homes of fellow orphanage graduates

…encouraging spiritual growth:

  • 10 orphanage graduates decided to follow Jesus
  • 25 orphanage graduates are rising leaders, giving back to their community through volunteering, leadership, or working in ministry

…all with holistic care from our community. Whenever an orphanage graduate seeks our help, we’re ready to assist with food, housing, medical aid, mentorship, and other interventions.

THANK YOU for helping us provide a safe, healing community for precious young people in Zhytomyr, Ukraine!