Joyful Belonging at Last Bell Summer Camp

At summer camp, everyone belongs.

Orphanage graduates who’ve experienced trauma… who’ve been neglected and abused… who feel alone and uncertain… who need help to raise their young children… everyone belongs. Last Bell summer camp is specially designed for our orphaned youth. They are accepted and loved just as they are.

We recently shared a story about orphanage graduate Vadim, who had eye surgery thanks to Last Bell’s friends. It was at summer camp last year that Vadim began to learn about belonging in Last Bell’s community.

“After evening meetings,” Vadim said, “I had the opportunity to ask the leaders the questions I was interested in… I more and more understood that I needed to change my way of thinking, my environment, my attitude to life and people in general.”

Camp helped Vadim make some important choices. He began working, renting an apartment, and going to church with our staff. In his own words, Vadim “became a more open and happy person.”

The most important thing about camp, Vadim said, was “a friendly atmosphere… where you are appreciated, accepted, and loved as you are… I learned that God loves me not because of what I’ve done, but just because.”

Will you share with our youth the joy of belonging — to God and with each other?

“I want to express my deep gratitude for giving me such an opportunity... Thank you for your help. I have begun to look at the world with happier eyes.” - Vadim to camp donors

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