How you can pray

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Our staff, orphaned youth, and families need your prayers. Please pray:

  • For Putin’s plans to be thwarted and for fighting to end. It may seem impossible, but all things are possible with God.
  • For the protection of soldiers and civilians who remain in Ukraine.
  • For protection over our city of Zhytomyr, including our staff, and our own orphaned students, young adult orphans, and orphan-parented families who are still there. 
  • For the “peace that passes all understanding” for all those still in danger.
  • For comfort, the settling of anxious hearts, and smooth travel and transitions for our staff and youth who’ve evacuated, and for all refugees. 
  • For safe travel through our country and safe border crossings for those evacuating even now.
  • For our board, U.S. staff, and Ukrainian staff to make wise decisions.
  • For housing and other logistical needs to be met; for the right connections at the right time.
  • For those who are anxious and suffering to be drawn to God’s love, and for Christians to be strong in their faith and take comfort from Emmanuel, God With Us.

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