Hope for teen orphans after the Last Bell ceremony

If you’re new to Last Bell, welcome! Perhaps a friend recommended us, or you found us through Facebook or a fundraiser. We’re so glad you’re here. 

After reading our recent newsletters, perhaps you’re wondering: What is this “last bell”? And who, exactly, are orphaned youth? 

In Ukraine, many children still grow up in institution-style orphanages. And some remain in abusive, neglectful families, fending for themselves from childhood. These orphaned children grow into orphaned teens and adults.

In Ukrainian schools, the Last Bell Ceremony signals the end of the school year and the freedom of summer. But after the final “last bell” at graduation, teenage orphans enter a bewildering world alone, with minimal life skills and no one to love or support them.

That’s where Last Bell Ministries steps in. We offer mentorship, medical and dental advocacy, groceries, tutoring, help with education and job-hunting, apprenticeships, parenting classes, crisis housing, and more. We’ll continue sharing about our three programs – Educational OutreachStop the Cycle, and the Restoration Project – over the next few weeks. 

Now, orphaned young people are even more vulnerable. After intense weeks of evacuations, we’re supporting our youth and families wherever they are, whether they’re in Zhytomyr or refugees in other countries. We’re also providing war relief in our young people’s local community.

This is all made possible by your donations and your prayers. Thank you!

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