Hope for orphanage graduates at Christmas and all year long

Dear friends,

I hear so many stories about the impact of your gifts on former orphans in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. You can hear the joy in Director Andrey’s voice as he talks about the fruit of fifteen years of ministry:

Just this year we’ve shared about students who received beds and pillows, tuition for dental assistant school, and help with eye surgery; about young men learning to be dads at Stop the Cycle camp, and young moms welcomed into the safety of Shelter Crisis Housing. You might even remember hearing about a young man who was so happy with his new job and home that he threw a “thank you” party for his Last Bell friends. 

I know your generous hearts have been touched by stories of hope in Zhytomyr’s orphan community. Will you make a gift to help orphaned youth before the end of the year?

I’ll add my voice to Andrey’s: Together, let’s help these young people thrive.

Your generosity makes an eternal impact on orphaned youth who are hungry for God’s rich kindness and love. Thank you!

Megan Hershey
Executive Director

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