Homes for Dasha and Natasha

Natasha’s childhood home

One purpose of our recent virtual Discovery Trip was to raise funds for the renovation of Natasha Kalchuk’s childhood home and Dasha Zingel’s apartment. These repairs will cost about $20,000.

Dasha‘s mother misused alcohol, and her grandmother died when she was ten, so she grew up in an orphanage. She and her husband faithfully participate in our Stop the Cycle program. They’ve renovated two rooms in their apartment, but the remaining repairs are too costly for Sasha’s Ukrainian salary. The walls, ceilings, and plumbing are in bad shape. So we’re stepping in to make the Zingel home safe for their family.

Discovery Trip conversation with Dasha and tour of her home

Natasha and her daughter Arina used to live in one room of her childhood home with several other family members. They lacked gas, running water, and often electricity. Now we have the opportunity to restore this home. Much needs to be demolished, and the walls and roof remade. We’re researching other repairs.

“I didn’t have stability in my childhood,” Natasha shared. “I want to pour all good things into [Arina], because my parents didn’t raise me well.” Natasha and Arina are staying at our Shelter crisis housing facility. She teaches the children at church, and helps former orphan Masha P. run her orphanage soccer ministry.

Of the $20,000 needed for these two projects, we’ve already received $5,000, for which we’re very thankful. Will you consider a gift toward that most basic of needs – four walls and a roof – for these two precious families?

Many thanks from Dasha, Natasha, and the Restoration Project crew!

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