Holistic Orphan Care: Our Core Values

You can read about the first part of our Core Values document here: Healing Relationships: Our Core Values

Staff member Lena Voznyuk recently shared a sweet, encouraging note:

“Young people come to the Day Center for different reasons. Some need help, others long for communication. Some come to get something – help, or a word of advice. Others come to give something away – their smiles, hugs, and love, or to help with cleaning.

“I love it so much when our young people treat the Day Center like their home – which is because they feel safe and comfortable here. When I start to clean, they gladly join me and help!”

One of our youth volunteering to sweep the Day Center

We’re always thrilled when our young people give back to their community! Many of our older orphanage graduates help with babysitting for Stop the Cycle; others help our team with big gatherings for orphanage graduates from the trade schools.

That’s one of the many wonderful results we see when we care for orphans as whole people – not just a checklist of physical needs. We believe ALL young people, but especially orphaned youth who’ve experienced so much trauma and hurt, need care for body, mind, and spirit through relationships with caring, dependable adults. As they begin to heal, experience safety, and learn how to have healthy relationships, they’re inspired to offer help and compassion to the people around them.

What a beautiful change! Instead of remaining in a cycle of abandonment and loss, our young people are creating a new cycle of trust and open-hearted giving.

Here’s the second section of our Core Values document, which speaks to this holistic care:

2. Holistic Orphan Care

a. We practice the good news of Jesus by caring for the whole person, including advocacy for their spiritual, emotional, physical and relational needs.

b. We inspire youth to give back to their community while they also travel down their own healing path.

c. We prayerfully intercede and provide very practical life skills so our youth have opportunities to thrive.

*Colossians 3:23-24

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