Healing for orphan mom through community’s love

Natasha has been part of our community, and participated in our Stop the Cycle program for orphan moms, for many years. New staff member and former orphan Yulia S. shares about a recent opportunity for Last Bell to keep showing Natasha that she’s unconditionally loved and valued.

By Yulia Sagaidachna

Natasha was a single mom with one child when she fell in love. This guy cared so much about her and her son. Everything would be fine… then suddenly, a positive pregnancy test. The guy wasn’t ready at all for the unexpected news that he’d be a father.

Their relationship was ruined. The guy’s parents took his side. He insisted on an abortion, but Natasha didn’t know what to do. Three weeks later he left her for good.

Pain, shame, hurt, despair, anger… Natasha was trapped by the pressure of her feelings, and chased by thoughts about abortion.

Natasha desperately needed support and acceptance, but was afraid to ask for it because she thought people would judge her. Fortunately, a Last Bell staff member learned about her story.

Natasha’s unborn baby

Natasha’s pregnancy wasn’t easy. She has problems with her spine – a compressed nerve. For a while she couldn’t stand up straight because of the pain. Then she became anemic, and was hospitalized. In the hospital she was diagnosed with another problem: a dysfunction in the flow of blood to the umbilical cord, which could cause her baby to die. The IV medication for opening the baby’s lungs was expensive, but it kept him alive. Natasha had a C-section because of the threat to the baby’s life.

Baby Aryom was premature and very weak. He went into intensive care and spent what seemed to be an endless amount of time at the hospital.

Staff member Oksana Pankyeyeva with Natasha and her newborn

But Natasha and her baby came through it all with the help of caring friends from Last Bell, who stayed close, ready to take part in saving this baby’s life.

Just recently Natasha and little Artyom were sent home from the hospital. Those tears and sleepless nights, full of bitterness and the desire for revenge, were left behind. Now Natasha says she’s happy, and rejoices in loving her baby boy!

Natasha’s family

Last Bell provided Natasha with a stroller and other necessary items. She has everything her little guy needs. He had the most important thing already, though – his mama’s love!


Thanks for praying for our orphan moms and their little ones!