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From students to staff, orphanage graduates light up their community

Earlier this year, we shared a story about Masha, who was having trouble breathing through her nose. Thanks to your generosity and lots of reassuring support from our staff, she was able to face the prospect of surgery and is breathing much better. As a student in our Educational Outreach program, Masha also receives clothes, counseling, and other help.

A few months after her last surgery, we see Masha blossoming. She has a kind, caring heart. At her social dorm, she’s been given many responsibilities and handles them well. She knows the loving community of Last Bell will offer support with any problem, and she offers support to others, too.

For example, some of her peers needed to buy tickets to study in another city. She found out all the details, collected the funds, and bought them tickets for the bus to Kyiv and the train.

Masha (right) with a friend at our 15th Anniversary celebration

In another case, a fellow orphan, Sasha, had an inflammation in his leg and couldn’t walk. Masha called staff member Lena and advocated for him, speaking compassionately about the pain he was in. Lena and Masha took Sasha to the hospital, and Masha went out to buy the medications Sasha needed. In Lena’s words, Masha “always tries to be close to those who need help.” 

Masha spent years in an orphanage for disabled students; now she’s studying to be a social worker. She exemplifies the Apostle Paul’s teaching to “be devoted to one another in love” and to “practice hospitality.” We can’t wait to see how she will be a light in her community in the years to come! 

Staff Corner

In our newsletters, we often share about one of our staff members. In this particular letter, the Staff Corner was an important part of the story, since the staff member highlighted, Anya Hrobust, was formerly an orphan herself.

Anya joined our staff in 2018. After her day job as a doctor, Anya works closely with our Shelter moms on the night shift. Here’s what Anya’s colleagues had to say about her:

“Anya is very smart and understanding.”

“You can turn to Anya for advice… she understands orphans and their needs well.”

“I admire how the Lord changed and directed her life, how much she has achieved for the glory of God! Anya is my doctor. She is always attentive and approaches treatment with wisdom. Despite her success as a doctor, Anya tries very hard to humbly and lovingly serve the girls at the Shelter.”

“Anya is very sincere and open. She’s always smiling and able to offer a warm hug when someone is sad.”

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