Families Healing at Stop the Cycle Camp

Three Stories from Camp with Orphan-Led Families

This year, our Stop the Cycle camp was attended mostly by young families we’d just met. Because of quarantine, it had been difficult to build relationships with them, so camp offered a special opportunity.

Staff couple Yuliana and Sasha shared these stories about drastic changes in the young families who spent camp week with us. Thank you for your part in making it all possible, and praise God for the fruit we see already!


Yuliana told a story about one young dad who wanted to leave camp on the second day. So Director Andrey took him to the train station. But the staff prayed, and God answered: he returned to camp. At the end of camp, he thanked everyone, and shared that he’d gotten to know his wife better, realized he needed to change his life, and was open to hearing more about God.


Another dad shared with Yuliana that at the age of 22, this was the first time he’d been to the sea. He’d never imagined the sea was so beautiful and pleasant!

On the last day he sat near the shore and looked into the distance for a long time. When Yuliana asked, “What are you thinking about?” he replied, “I think my life will definitely change. I’ve rethought a lot of things here.”


Sasha shared a story about Tatyana* and her family. Earlier this summer, at a camp hosted by the organization Young Moms, Tatyana become a Christian. She was worried about how her husband would react. During a home visit, Tatyana talked about how Oleg’s overnight job was hurting his mental health and their relationship.

Then, Tatyana was offered a job at a kindergarten nearby, with a placement for her son—but accepting the job would mean turning down family camp. She chose camp.

Sasha and Yuliana prayed that God would soften Oleg’s heart. At first, he was vehemently against family camp and came up with a lot of excuses not to go. But Tatyana prayed every day and kept asking our staff to pray. Finally, in the last days before camp began, he agreed to go. 

Oleg was very inspired by his camp experience. When they returned home, the whole family began attending Word of Love church where many of our staff go. Oleg also left the job that was causing such problems, and he’s now actively looking for another one. Please pray for provision for this young family as they prioritize their marriage and health! 

*Tatyana and her family’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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