Dasha’s dream of being a dental assistant almost died

Housing and tuition can make a dream come true

Dasha dreamed of being a dental hygienist. And while the state provides free education in many fields, this was not the case for dentistry. So Dasha’s grandparents paid for her education from their pensions. It wasn’t easy, especially because Dasha’s grandmother was ill.

Then, a year before graduation, Dasha’s grandmother died and her grandfather began drinking. Dasha was studying hard and didn’t have time to add a job, but somehow needed to pay for housing and tuition. 

So Last Bell stepped in. Our staff helped Dasha find a place in a social dorm, where her cost of living would be reduced. And we were able to help pay for her studies. 

Now, Dasha’s dream has been fulfilled! At graduation, she was so happy about her achievement. Staff member Luba shared, “Thank God for our organization, for people who donate finances for orphans. It’s so important!”

Dasha is looking for a job as a dental assistant. She called Luba recently to make plans. We pray that Dasha experiences God’s deep love through our concern for her future.

Left: Dasha with staff member Lena A.

Your gifts made it possible for us to step in and make sure Dasha’s dream didn’t fall apart after she’d put in so much time and effort. Many thanks for your generosity and your prayers! 

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