Christians join hands to house orphans

Andrey R.’s parents struggled with addiction, and his mother died from cold in the winter. At five, he went to an orphanage, where he became self-destructive and got into all kinds of trouble. But after he met Last Bell, he began to heal and redirect his life and his energy.

The Ukrainian government guarantees housing for orphanage graduates, though it’s often insufficient; a decrepit family home in a remote village might qualify. But Andrey didn’t have even that. So, one of our partners, Hope for Orphans, welcomed Andrey into an apartment program for a year. The volunteer mentor in Andrey’s apartment happened to be Vasiliy, a Last Bell staff member. Then, in January, government funds allowed Andrey to purchase a house near Zhytomyr.

Andrey (right) with the RP crew

Andrey’s new home

Andrey’s home needs repairs, so our Restoration Project crew will redo ceilings, paint floors, re-tile the kitchen, fix wiring and plumbing, replace the heater, install new windows and doors, and convert a closet into an indoor bathroom. And they’ll deal with surprises, like a rotten wall. Andrey’s been helping – in fact he began digging a ditch for plumbing a week before the crew arrived.

Housing is just one part of caring for Andrey. Right now he’s studying auto mechanics, but we’ll learn if that’s what he really wants and help him chart a path for the future. And we’re not the only ones! Hope for Orphans and other great organizations are also following the Holy Spirit’s lead in our city, reaching out to orphanage graduates. Praise God!

Andrey (L) with friends at the Day Center

Andrey (R) working on his home with RP crew member and fellow orphanage graduate Oleg

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