Camps in the Era of Coronavirus: Living by Faith

Camps for Orphanage Graduates

Dear friends,

Life has changed dramatically for everyone – whether you’re working from home or on the front lines, caregiving, applying for unemployment, keeping your business afloat, or just trying to buy groceries. I’m grateful you’re reading this letter amid all these challenges.

For us, the pandemic means adapting our daily work with orphanage graduates, and our plans for summer as well.

At this time, we intend to continue with summer camps, while we anticipate shifting as needed. Faith is “our handle on what we can’t see” (The Message). I have faith that God can work in our adapted plans, helping our youth heal and experience His deep love. For now, here is our camp schedule:

  • July 20-26 is our Stop the Cycle camp for orphan moms, dads, and their kids at the Black Sea. We expect 25 parents and 30 kids.
  • August 3-9 is Educational Outreach camp at the sea. We expect 40 youth.
  • August 24-28 is our rescheduled English Language Camp at our own Day Center. Because of the uncertainty of international travel for our American friends, our backup dates are October 5-9. We expect 50 orphanage graduates of all ages.

We have backup plans, too. We can postpone further or create special day trips. Many of our youth are very isolated, and more than ever need something to look forward to!

The total cost for camps is $24,000. Just $165 sends one lonely orphanage graduate to discover a safe, loving community. (UPDATE 5/24: Thanks to a $5k matching grant, now just $82 will double to send one orphanage graduate to camp!)

I invite you to give with faith—that God will meet your own needs, and work through our adjusted plans. Nonprofits expect to see at least a 20% drop in donations, so if you’ve never given toward summer camps, this is the year!

Many thanks, and God’s peace to you and your household,

Megan Hershey
Executive Director

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