Camp prayer requests from our staff

Thanks again to everyone who helped make summer camps possible! Our first camp begins in just a few days. Would you pray by name for our staff leading camp, and the requests they’ve shared?

August 3rd – 9th is our Stop the Cycle camp for orphan-parented families. This cohort will celebrate their graduation from the program after returning, so this is their last camp. The staff include Andrey & Oksana, Yulia S. & Sasha A., Sergei & Anna, Anya H., and Lillia.

  • Sergei asks for prayer for good weather, for God to preserve life and health, and for some campers to come to know God during the week.
  • Sasha A. asks for hearts to be open to Jesus, and for positive change after camp – to see moms, their husbands, and kids attending church. 
  • Stop the Cycle director Oksana asks for “the Lord to work in hearts and plant His truth… We also ask that the Lord protect from illness and injury, and give beautiful weather.” She also asked for prayers for traveling, since the drive is eight hours one way with mothers and small children. “But it’s worth it!” she added. “Camps are always a special and very important time.”

August 10th – 16th is our Educational Outreach camp for orphan students. The staff leading this camp include Lena V., Lena A., Yulia N., Sasha T., Vasya & Luba, and Vitaliy.

  • Luba asks God to bless the road and the drivers. 
  • Lena V. asks for prayer that the staff would be “a good example of God’s love for [our youth],” and that they’d come to know God; for cohesion in teamwork; and for the health of all our youth and leaders at the sea.
  • Lena A. shared, “During this time we’ll have the opportunity to show God to our youth in various areas. Our dream is that everything sown in their hearts will germinate and bear fruit. We want their hearts to change, to be healed, and to receive peace.”

Thank you for praying. We’ll share email stories about camp in September, but be sure to follow us on Facebook to see photos in real time!

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