Camp 2022: A week away from war

One white woman and three white men sit on a sheltered swing in front of grasses and trees

In the summer, it’s been our tradition to load up vans with orphaned youth and drive to the beach or mountains. The war is ever-present, and a neighboring city was recently attacked. But since Zhytomyr and western Ukraine are currently peaceful, we can dream about and plan for these special retreats.

For some youth, camp is their first 24/7 time with caring adults. Everybody swims, hikes, swings in hammocks, plays, and rests together. In the evening, our youth often open up with personal stories for the first time. 

Camp is even more important this year. Our community needs time away from military barriers, the threat of missiles, and reminders of war. At camp they can talk through everything with our staff, and learn how to find meaning in all the events of their lives through the good news of Jesus.

Our staff needs this time away, too. It will be healthy for everyone to slow down, enjoy God’s creation, and hear God’s guidance for whatever the next months may bring. 

In 2022, we’re considering new forms of camp, expanding outward into the new needs created by war. Meanwhile, we’re starting with what we know: camps for orphaned students and orphan-parented families. 

Educational Outreach Camp

  • Location: Carpathian Mountains (western Ukraine, near Romania and Poland)
  • Dates: Late August
  • 40 youth, 10 staff members/leaders
  • Cost: $12,000

Stop the Cycle Family Camp

  • Location: A Christian campground in the Zhytomyr region
  • Dates: Mid-September
  • 15 moms and 25 kids plus staff members/leaders
  • Cost: $8000

TOTAL COST: $20,000

Our teens, young adults, parents, and kids all love camp. Will you help us provide a few days of normalcy for them this summer?

This one week makes a big impact year-round. Thank you for giving! 

PS – If the war prevents us from holding camps this year, all camp funds will be rolled over to camps in 2023. 

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