Blessings from camp everywhere I look

A Week of Camp, a Year of Impact

Now that we’re reopening, I just have to look around me to remember the value of summer camp. I see orphanage graduates at meetings for moms, visiting our Day Center, and attending church because of camp.

At church, I see Dima (above). Last year, he struggled to make good decisions, was manipulated and used by others, and had trouble holding down a job. At camp, he was protected from hurtful people, and got to know our most faithful Day Center youth. After a healing week of camp, he began attending church with me and Oksana, where he confesses his mistakes and openly shares his worries and problems. He even met someone who will help him with vocational training.

At Stop the Cycle meetings, I see Dasha and her husband. They attended family camp last year and listened carefully in the moms’ and dads’ groups.

It’s rare for men to join our monthly meetings, but ever since camp, Dasha and Sasha have both attended.

I can see that their commitment to life together became real and solid after camp.

The pandemic restrictions are easing now, and we plan to hold youth camp and family camp. I have faith that in every plan we make, God can do a great work in the hearts of our youth and our moms and dads. All year I look forward to seeing how their lives will change!

Due to logistical changes, our 2020 camps will now cost only $16,000, and we’ve raised $12,000. Our $5k matching grant has been met, thanks to many generous gifts! 

Will you help us reach our goal by making a donation before July 1st?

God bless you abundantly!

Thank you for seeing and caring about our youth,

Andrey Pankyeyev
Executive Director in Ukraine

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