Because of you, Vadim sees the world through new eyes

Medical advocacy softens hearts towards God

Orphanage graduate Vadim had poor eyesight from childhood. When we met him, his vision was quickly degenerating—really scary for a young man. Without glasses he could see almost nothing.

The generosity of Last Bell friends paid for Vadim’s eye surgery. Afterwards, he looked with delight at all the storefronts, the shop names, even the advertisements. “It’s unreal!” he said. “I see people’s emotions. I never noticed them before!”

That was one month ago. The doctors predicted his vision could reach up to 80% of normal. But last week he tested at 90-100%!

Vadim in front of clinic doors. Orphanage graduate Vadim had poor eyesight from childhood. His eyesight was degenerating, and he needed medical advocacy.

Staff member Lena shared, “I’ve never seen Vadim so happy. We talked about how wonderful the Lord is, the miracles He works… We talked about how the Lord gives people a sacrificial heart—that there are people who’ve never met him, and donated money to make him healthy.

“This is a great opportunity to talk about God and His mercy and love. After such a miracle, all these words sound different!”

Vadim likes going to church and shared his gratitude to God for everything. “Hearts soften,” Lena said, “and they understand how God loves them.” An overflow of love from our staff will keep pointing Vadim toward the One who loves him most.

Jesus declared he had come to bind up the brokenhearted and give sight to the blind. When you make these miracles possible for our youth, you are truly followers of Jesus. Thank you!

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