Be In the Know! Info for Donors

A warm hello to all our donors! Thanks to your generosity, every day we offer mentorship, parenting classes, help with education, crisis housing, and other resources to orphanage graduates in our city.

We know you care about our youth and want your dollars to have a big impact. So we’ve assembled this information to help you make informed choices about donations.

QGiv, our online donations processor, is very convenient. But the simplicity of online giving comes at a cost: processing fees.

We heartily recommend online giving for small donations. But personal checks are still best for larger gifts to the ministry. Of course, all donations are appreciated, no matter the size or method!

Starting in August, Last Bell will mail paper receipts and donation envelopes to everyone who sends personal checks. We want to make it easy to partner with us.

Your compassion is creating a community of hope in Zhytomyr, Ukraine!

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