A wedding after a night of missile attacks

a from-behind shot of newlyweds holding hands, the woman in a dress with red embroidery

In the middle of the night Friday night/early Saturday morning, enemy forces launched a barrage of missiles into Ukraine. Many military targets on the outskirts of Zhytomyr were hit, and many missiles were shot down in the skies above the city. It was a terrifying night. 

We’re glad to report that all our people are safe, though the attacks killed at least one soldier in our region. We don’t know yet if this was a one-night event, or if Zhytomyr will now be targeted more frequently. We do know that the months-long quiet in our city has ended. 

Even so, our staff continue serving our youth and families.

One of our Educational Outreach students, M., had planned to get married today. M. had no family or friends to help her with wedding plans, so last week Katya T. and other staff members took her to choose a dress, find a photographer, and schedule a hairdresser.

Because of Friday night’s attacks, the wedding was moved to this past Saturday. Yes, just a few hours after the final explosions. On Saturday, Katya says, “God arranged every step and M. became a wife!” Her new husband, in Zhytomyr’s territorial guard, had to go back to his guard job that very night. 

Please keep this young couple in your prayers as they begin their marriage in the midst of war. 

We know you’ve been praying protection over our community. We’re so grateful, and we ask you to continue praying for the safety of our staff, our students, and our families, and for an end to this terrible war. 

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