A day in the life of our Ukrainian director

We know many of you are interested in the day-to-day life of our staff and community in a war zone. Recently, our Ministry Director, Andrey Pankyeyev, shared what the “new normal” looks like for him. 

“Every morning I wake up and start reading the news,” Andrey wrote. “Then I catch myself. First I need to read the Bible. I go to some stories in Exodus or Kings, and find places in the Psalms where David is lamenting to God. I find those stories are so similar to our situation now.”

After checking messages from staff members, church leadership, and mobile prayer groups, he touches base with relatives, neighbors, friends, and other ministries that may need help. He also tracks Last Bell’s vehicles: whether they’ll need repairs, or make deliveries that day, or need to be reserved for an upcoming trip. 

Andrey and Oksana Zooming with some of our refugees in the Netherlands

Next he heads to the store, or sends another team member, to stock up on groceries and hygiene supplies for deliveries. Then he checks the Shelter, Day Center, and our various storage areas to see if they need any repairs or problems solved. He might take care of those himself, or send a staff member or volunteer. 

It’s not uncommon for Ukrainians with day jobs in ministry to be church leaders. Andrey is the pastor of his small church, so his week includes sermon prep, leading a home group, and meeting with church leaders and ministry partners. The church recently had to give up renting its facility, so at the time of writing, Andrey was moving church belongings into storage.

Throughout the day, Andrey updates our Executive Director, Megan. “And a million other interesting things happen,” he wrote, listing birthday celebrations, meetings with Last Bell’s staff and directors, visiting relatives, transporting neighbors, and “driving, driving, driving.” He makes sure to rest at the end of the day before it all starts over again. 

Andrey and our staff need your prayers during these busy days immersed in the reality of war. Thank you for lifting them up to our merciful God!

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