Month: May 2019

Summer Camps: “I’m happy that I am with God”

Dear friends,

Summer camp is a gift that keeps unfolding in the lives of orphanage graduates for years to come.

Every spring, teenage orphans graduate from regional orphanages and move to Zhytomyr, alone and uncertain about the future. And every summer at camp, we welcome them into deep, lasting relationships. They begin to have hope. We also welcome our youngest group of orphan parents doing the hard work of forming healthy families.

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“Everyone in camp was able to not only have a good rest but also find many answers to their questions… I liked everything because I found many new friends. I also met God personally now. I’m happy that I am with God… I’m happy that these people appeared in my life.” – Yulik

“Previously, we often quarreled about certain responsibilities in the family. [Sasha] didn’t participate in anything, and when I asked, it provoked strife. After camp, he began to pay more attention to our child and me. I began to offer help myself… Sasha and I became closer. We don’t argue as much as before.” – Olga

This gift of camp tells orphanage graduates they have a place in the world. That they haven’t been forgotten. That we see them, and we’ll help them succeed in the future.

For $135, you can provide a week of rest, refreshment, learning, and relationship-building for an orphanage graduate, whether a young teen or an orphan parent.

Our total cost for three camps this year is about $20,000.

Will you send one, or two, or even more orphanage graduates to camp with us?

Many thanks, and happy spring!

The Last Bell Team

PS – Catch the excitement in this video, which includes one orphan mom practicing her English at last year’s ESL camp:

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