Short-Term Mission Trips With Last Bell

We welcome our friends into relationships with Last Bell youth and staff through visiting us in Ukraine. Because relationships are the heart of our ministry, we’d love to know you personally and invite you into the Last Bell community! Mission trips are often oriented around a practical need such as a Stop the Cycle camp, construction project, or staff support. They always include tours of our facilities and programs, as well as cultural immersion.

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Stop the Cycle Camp Trips

We love our young families! Every summer we offer a family retreat to our Stop the Cycle groups. At camp, our young families enjoy parenting seminars, group discussions, and fun activities. There are several ways Americans can serve – especially in the vital role of playing with the children of our formerly-orphaned parents while they participate in daily sessions. Other important tasks can include crafts assistance, giving parenting and spiritual testimonies, and helping our Ukrainian friends improve their English language skills.

2017 Camp Trip Dates:

   July 17th – 30th (approximate)

  • 5 team members needed
  • Trip leader TBD
  • Location in Ukraine: Odessa (departing from Zhytomyr)

Restoration Project Trips

Our vital Restoration Project provides young men with job skills and sustainable employment so they can provide for themselves and their families. The RP team renovates orphanage graduates’ apartments and homes, which are often unlivable and unsafe after years of family neglect. On a Restoration Project trip, Americans with construction skills work alongside our Ukrainian RP crew.

2017 RP Trip Dates:

   (No trips currently scheduled)

Special Project Trips

Maybe your skills are tailor-made for an individualized journey based on your specific gifting. We have experience with this and would love to discuss ways to help you become part of our ministry in Ukraine.

Serving In Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful country with a rich history and varied landscape. Because of its vast fields of wheat and other agricultural products, it’s often called “the breadbasket of Europe.” Most Ukrainians speak Russian, Ukrainian, or a mix, and they love it when visitors offer a few well-practiced Ukrainian phrases! Last Bell works in the city of Zhytomyr (pronounced “zhih-TOE-mer”), about two hours’ drive from the capital city, Kyiv. Zhytomyr is a mid-sized city of about 250,000 residents, and features a mix of old (the St. Sophia Cathedral, 1751) and new (a downtown mall with a McDonald’s). On most short-term trips with Last Bell, you’ll have a chance to spend some time exploring this city we love.